Squamish Baha'i Community

Community Building

All across Canada, individuals are engaged in a process to advance their spiritual, social and intellectual development and to contribute to the development of their communities. The activities at the heart of this process are meetings that strengthen the devotional character of the community, classes that nurture the tender hearts of children, groups that assist junior youth to navigate through a crucial stage of their lives, and study circles that foster the understanding and application of the Bahá’í teachings to individual and collective life.

These activities are offered by Bahá’í communities around the world and they involve people of all ages and backgrounds, regardless of religion, who share a common purpose: to promote the welfare and wellbeing of the whole. To learn more about Bahá’í communities in Canada, visit www.building-community.ca.

The Squamish Bahá’í Community holds Children’s Classes, Devotional Gatherings, Study Circles and Information Nights. Our Community also commemorates the Bahá’í holy days throughout the year, holding events open to the public. Check the Events page for dates and times. For more information on participating in any of these activities please contact SquamishAssembly@shaw.ca

In addition, the Bahá’ís of Squamish collaborate with other organizations in projects and activities that promote the common good. We are active members of the Squamish Multifaith Association promoting and participating in community building events such as the Multicultural Day held each year at Totem Hall on July 01 and March 21st International Day of the Elimination of Racial Prejudice. Through this association we partner with the B.C. Thanksgiving Food Drive each year in support of the Squamish Food Bank.